Students with disabilities

Grand Prix Driving School is the only school on Cape Cod with the training, knowledge and teaching techniques to properly instruct students with disabilities.

We have worked closely in the past with students from Riverview school, Cape Abilities, Department of Mental Health, LIFE Program, as well as Mass Rehab Commission.
We can help students with learning disabilities as well as cognitive or physical difficulties that might make it challenging to learn how to drive. We have systems in place to help students with what ever they need. Call to get more details. 

Classroom Specific Accommodations
We at Grand Prix try our best to be as accommodating and inclusive as possible. Every student deserves a quality education so that they may become a safe driver.
We will honor the accommodations of most IEP and 504 plans with a few exceptions and when prohibited by state law.

  • Students may not use electronics in class; including but not limited to phones, headphones, cameras, computers, or audio recording devices. Please contact the office to discuss alternatives if necessary.
  • Parents/others not enrolled in Grand Prix as a student are not allowed to attend/assist in class.
  • Students must take class in no less than 3hr 15 minute blocks (including a 15 minute break).

To set up accommodations relating to testing, attendance, note taking or anything else please call the office or send us an email. This should be done prior to the start of class.

Students with Learning Disabilities
Grand Prix has a wide variety of programs and aides in place to help students succeed where they might have difficulty on their own. Depending on the student’s age and individual needs we can come up with a plan to help get them on the road. For some students this might be as simple as extra time on tests, or for others it might be private permit tutoring sessions. We have additional handouts, and can arrange for oral or private testing. Students and parents must discuss arrangements with the instructor prior to the start of class.

Students with Physical Disabilities
Depending on the student’s limitations, Grand Prix may be able to help. We do not currently have the capacity to help students who will require car modifications, like hand controls. We have helped students with limited vision, cerebral palsy, sensory input disorders, among others. Call for more details and we will do our best to help you, or we will direct you to someone who can.