The Registry of Motor vehicles requires that the car used during the road test has a center console emergency break, be in good working condition, and that the sponsor is present DURING the road test. A sponsor is anyone who is at least 21 years of age, has at least 1 year driving experience, and is licensed in his/her home state.

Sponsorship is encouraged for all driver education students as a refresher for their road test. It will also help students relax and become more confident before the test.

For students under 18: Sponsorship is available to any enrolled student who has completed all driver’s education requirements and is certified. On the 12th driving hour, the student will be evaluated by the instructor to determine if they are ready for the road test exam. If they are ready the student may use Grand Prix for sponsorship. If they are not ready, in order to use Grand Prix as a sponsor, they must book additional lessons. Before a test is booked, you must have had a valid permit for 5 months, completed all the driver’s education requirements and have been certified.

For adult drivers: Before a test is booked you must have taken at least two lessons with us within the last 3 months and been given a passing evaluation. Any sponsorship form for adult drivers must be signed by the instructor.

A test will be booked only after all necessary payments and paperwork has been received by the office. This includes this sponsorship contract, the road test application, and the $140 fee payable to Grand Prix. Road tests are booked on a first come first served basis, tests cannot be booked before a student is eligible.
Grand Prix will only sponsor students whose test has been booked by Grand Prix. We will book the test, hold on to your paperwork until the road test date. We will also reserve a car, and an instructor for your test. You agree to arrange your own transportation to and from the RMV. Students should meet the instructor out front of the South Yarmouth RMV at the time of their warm up. If you decide not to go on the road test for any reason, you must give us two weeks’ notice and Grand Prix must be the one to cancel the test otherwise you forfeit the right to a sponsorship refund.

RMV Policies / Junior Operator Provisions:

1.  Students under 18 must have completed a drivers education course, and must be certified.

2.  Junior Operators must have held their valid permit for 6 months before road test date.

3.  Student must have fulfilled the 40 hour supervised driving with a parent.

4.  You must have your valid Massachusetts Permit on your person.

5.  Please have the following fees ready for the RMV:

            A.  Road test fee:  $35.00

            B.  Class D license fee:  $50.00

Checks should be made payable to RMV or prepay fees using the RMV’s telecenter 1-866-627-7768 or visit http://www.massrmv.com/payroadtest

What Sponsorship IncludesBefore a road test is booked we need the sponsorship form filled out and signed, the road test application filled out and signed and the $140 payment. Then we will book your road test and hold onto your paper work (except for money for the RMV) until your test date. We will also take care of reserving a Grand Prix car and instructor for the warm up and road test. All people scheduled for road tests are required to get a ride to the RMV to meet the instructor for the warm up and a ride home after their road test (unless special arrangements have been made). GRAND PRIX POLICIES: We will not book a test with out payment and all documentation sent in. If you have to cancel we must have 2 weeks notice or you will not receive a refund.

Grand Prix Policies:

1.  The road test application, payment, and the bottom of the sponsorship contract must be returned to the office before your road test date to reserve the car and the instructor.

2.  Please keep the top half so that there will be no misunderstanding of policies and procedures.

3.  You must provide your own ride to and from the RMV.

4.  No reservation made without payment.

5.  No refund will be given if canceled with less than two weeks notice. There is no refund if you don’t show up for our warm-up lesson. If you choose not to go on your road test for any reason, Grand Prix must be the one to cancel the road test or you forfeit all right to a sponsorship refund.

6. Tests are booked on a first come first served basis based on the RMV’s test availability. Road tests at the RMV book 8 weeks in advance generally. Grand Prix will only schedule tests at the South Yarmouth RMV.

Prepaying the RMV is highly recommended.

Sponsorship Documents
All Students Must Submit The Sponsorship Contract.
Students Under 18 Must Submit A Road Test App Signed By a Parent