We must have 20 applicants before we can request a road test date. Once we have 20 eligible students, the list of applicants will be submitted on a Monday. 

The test will be booked based on the availability of a road test examiner. The test will most likely be on the weekend, but could be a Tuesday or Wednesday night.

The process of collecting names should be done within 2-3 weeks. There will be a one week period needed for the RMV to approve the request and finalize the list. The actual test most likely being the weekend after the test is submitted. In most cases you will be given one weeks notice of your test date.


REFUNDS- The $165 sponsorship fee paid to Grand Prix is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you cannot make the date given- if you are ill- if you are late to your warmup-if you change your mind and decide to book a test on your own- there will be no refunds. Please contact the office about a general timeline if there is a scheduling conflict BEFORE filling out the form below. 

Off hour road-tests are all about the completing the warm up and road test with as little friction as possible. Come prepared to take the test. Please spend some time practicing your maneuvers and developing good driving habits, according to the Grand Prix Procedure Sheet. 


On the day of the test you will MEET OUTFRONT OF THE YARMOUTH RMV  with your printed application and permit for your warm up lesson (appointment time will sent via email, or phone call) 

You must not be late if you are late you forfeit your warmup lesson and any refund. 

We will do the warmup then drop you off so you can walk to the back of the building and check in under the tent and wait for your test.


Alternative Hours Road Test Eligibility

  • Student owes no fees to Grand Prix or the RMV
  • Student will be 16 ½ at Road Test
  • If under 18, Student has held permit for 6 months
  • Student is not already registered for a road test
  • Student has not failed a road test in the past 14 days
  • If Under 18, Student has completed the full Driver Ed Program
  • If Over 18, Student has taken atleast two lessons in the past 3 months and been determined ready by instructor.

Road Test Request

By filling out this form I am saying that I meet all the road test eligibility criteria, I am 100% ready for the road test, and agree to all policies listed here, and that the $165 sponsorship fee is non-refundable.