Online Driver's Education

In order to participate in the class students must have access to these programs as well as the technology to video chat. Please make sure you have access to these programs on whatever device(s) you will be using. Make an account for those sites if necessary. Please make sure this is done a few days prior to the start of class. 

Email if you require any assistance.  These programs work differently depending on what device you are using so if possible test them out or have multiple options to work with. Ex, Zoom on your phone, and Nearpod on your Laptop. We will use several simultaneously so a split screen or multiscreen system is a requirement*. You will need to view the instructor in zoom and access slides in Nearpod simultaneously. This cannot be done from just a phone or tablet. You can split the screen on your computer or laptop. Or use a two device system like phone and tablet. Make sure all your electronics are fully charged and plugged in.
If you do not have these capabilities, please email the office to discuss your options.

Below is a sample split screen view. The instructor visible on one side and Nearpod open on the other. 

Students will be emailed the login information a few days prior to the start of class.

Your camera must remain on the entire time. Your face must be visible in the center of the screen. Consider placement carefully so that you are not backlit. You must have a working microphone that at times you will be required to use on occasion. 
To get credit all students must type their full legal name into the chat box when prompted during the zoom session. The username you use on Zoom should be your first and last legal name.
Class schedule: Morning Class 8am-9:30, 15min break, 9:45-11:15. Then Lunch 25 min break  Afternoon Class 11:40-1:10pm,  15 min break, 1:25-2:55pm END
We will not end the session during the 15min break, you may just turn off your cameras during that time. For the Lunch break we will disconnect and restart at 11:40. Just like a normal day, you cannot leave early or come in late. Please plan accordingly.
You may verbally ask questions, or use the chat feature in zoom. 
Participation in nearpod activities is a requirement for credit in the class. 

Students must sign up for an online final exam appointment. That requires a separate reservation.