Have a question about Driver’s Education? Here’s how it works:
Payment Questions:
  • What is the cost of the full driver’s education program? Driver’s education costs $880 dollars. Please check out our cost page for more information.
  • What do you require to start? To reserve your space in class we require a $330 deposit.
  • What does your payment plan look like? We ask for the full deposit, and then $100 a month until you are all paid up. Your first monthly payment is due the first full month after class starts.  Payments should be made regardless of whether the student is currently driving or not. Please note: for this option students cannot book their last 4 driving hours will a balance. In order to finish, a student must be paid in full.
  • Can I pay my whole balance upfront? Of course.
  • How can I pay my balance? We accept credit or debit card payments over the phone or in person at our location in Hyannis. You can also send in checks or money orders. Any cash payments must be paid to the office staff or the classroom instructor in person. Driving instructors cannot accept cash or credit card payments in the car, only checks and money orders. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express.
  • Are there any hidden fees? No! The only other fee you would possibly pay is if your child decides to go on a road test with Grand Prix as their sponsor. That is optional and therefore not included in the price. Cancellation fees could also be charged if your child cancels or no shows for a driving lesson.
  • How much is Sponsorship? Sponsorship is $120 and includes a 1 hour lesson on the day of the test.
  • How much is a No-Show Fee? A no-show or late cancellation fee is $60 per hour they were scheduled to drive.