Have a question about Driver’s Education? Here’s how it works:
Driving Hours Questions:
  • When can I start driving hours? You can start booking lessons only after 1) you have handed in a copy of your permit, 2) after you have finished class, 3) after you have handed in your signed Rules and Regs form and Photo Release, 4) are up to date on payments, and 5) have taken parent class.
  • How do I book hours? You can book hours through our online scheduling system Schedule2Drive. Students who have taken class can log in by selecting their state, typing in their permit and birth date. Or students can book hours by calling the Hyannis office. View the student reference guide to see how to log on and how to schedule.
  • How do I cancel an hour I’ve booked? You need to give the office more than 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee. You can call the office during business hours to cancel over the phone or you can log in to Schedule2Drive to cancel online if the office is not open. View the  student reference guide here or in your packet from class to learn how to cancel.
  • When is the best time to book? Hours get released every Monday at 10am. Students or their families should log on Schedule2Drive or call the office then to get hours. The closer to that point that you can log on, the more availability we have. The schedule is released one week in advance.
  • How many hours do I need? Students need 12 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation (which is watching someone else drive).
  • How fast can I finish? It depends. On the student, where they live, how flexible their schedule is, what season it is. We recommend calling the office to get more details if you are in a time crunch. Teens are required by law to have their permit for 6 months. We would like them to space their driving hours out over the course of those 6 months when at all possible. Students should have time to practice in between lessons.
  • How does it usually work? Students who call or go online on a Monday can get a max of 2 appointments for the following week. Then if by Wednesday there are still openings or cancellations, students can get more lessons. So in a situation where no lessons were missed, driving hours can be finished in 5 weeks. In some cases students can finish faster, to get details you can call or email Grand Prix. In most cases, students choose to space out their hours.
  • Is there a deadline that this all has to be done by? Students have 2 years from the start of the classroom portion, to finish driver’s ed. 
  • Can I pay extra to finish faster? Yes, in some cases. Grand Prix offers Fastracking service for students who need or want to be done sooner. There is an additional cost and is only available on a case by case basis when the schedule allows. Fastracking should be set up before a student takes the classroom portion.
  • What do I need to bring to my lesson? You must have your learner’s permit and the yellow driving record you received in class. 
  • How long is my appointment? Any appointment booked online, or the first 6 appointments if booked by the office consist of 1 hour of driving and 1 hour of observation. For a total of 2 hours in length. After the observation is completed students can call the office to start booking double drives (which is when the student drives for 2 hours). Any appointments booked online after observation is completed will be one hour in length. Students should call to confirm their pick up and drop off times.
  • Where will I be picked up? Your default pick up is your home address. Unless a lesson is booked in advance with a pickup directly from school at the time of dismissal. You could arrange to be picked up anywhere on Cape between the bridges and the Orleans rotary. Our cars will not go off cape or any further down than that. Any changes in pick up or drop off location must be made more than 24 hours before the lesson. Pick up and drop off must be in the same town.