Have a question about Driver’s Education? Here’s how it works:
Classroom Questions:
How old do I need to be to take driver’s education class? You must be 15 years and 9 months to the day by the start of the classroom portion. Proof of age must be given with the enrollment paperwork. You must be at least 16 years old with a valid permit to start driving hours.
Do I need my permit to start class? No, but you will need it eventually to start the driving portion. Some students choose to take the classroom portion first to help them study for the permit exam.

How do I enroll in driver’s ed? You first need to pick a classroom schedule that works best for you. The schedules are posted here. Once you have chosen a class you can enroll online, stop by our Hyannis office, or send your enrollment paperwork in the mail. We need the enrollment form, a copy of the student’s permit or birth certificate, and the deposit payment.
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What should I bring to class? For all classes students should bring a notebook and a pen. Students are welcome to bring food and beverages into the classroom. For all day courses students should plan on bringing lunch or lunch money for their lunch break which starts at 11:45am.
When is lunch? Lunch starts at 11:45. In Hyannis and Falmouth lunch is an hour unless decided otherwise at the start of class. In Yarmouth lunch is always 30 minutes. Students are welcome to bring lunch and stay in the classroom. Or there are several places nearby our classroom for the students to purchase or order delivery.
I need miss a class or leave early one day, can I do that? Students cannot leave early, however our all day sessions are actually 2 classes in one. So if a student cant come for the full day, they can come to the morning section or the afternoon session and still get credit for that. They would just have to make up the numbered class that they missed. If the student needs to miss an entire day, the same rules apply. They will have to make it up in another class session.
I missed a class do I still have to take the final? Students are encouraged to try regardless of their attendance. However, make up exams are given any time the office is open in Hyannis, or during the lunch break in Falmouth or Yarmouth. Students should call to make an appointment for retake exams.
I started class but missed a day or two, can I start driving? In most cases yes, as long as the majority of the classroom requirements have been met you can start on the road. DO NOT forget to finish ALL of your classroom requirements. Make them up as soon as you can.
How should I prepare for the midterm? The midterm is 50 questions, fill in the blank. The midterm study sheet is in the packet you were given the first day of class. Every question on the test comes directly off of that sheet. If you study it, you will do very well. Students need an 80% to pass.
How should I prepare for the final? The final is 100 questions, True/False and multiple choice. Students should study the notes taken in class as well as class handouts. There are also study questions posted online. Students should ask the instructor how to access those. Students need an 80% to pass.
I have difficulty with test taking. Is there anything that can be done? Tell the classroom instructor in advance before taking the test if you have any test taking issues that would make it difficult to pass. (Such as ADD/ADHD, IEP or 504 plans at school, if you take it in a quiet room or someone reads it to you.) We cant help if we don’t know.
I finished class, passed my midterm, and my final. Now what? Get started on that driving. Click Here for answers to your questions on How to book driving hours.