RETAKE Final Exam Registration

Sessions limited in number of students. Preregistration required.


SET UP: Day Before: If you have not received the login code 24hours before the scheduled test please email to confirm your reservation.

You must login to zoom using your Legal name (First and Last). If your legal name is not your zoom name you will not be allowed into the exam. 

During the 30min review: You must be visible in your webcam the same as you would for class.

Break: Before you get up for break you will reposition your camera for how it will be during the test. You will leave the camera on during your break.

During Exam: Your webcam should be placed in such a way that the instructor has a view like the pictures on the right. I can see you, your notes, your hands, and the device you will be using for the test.

Your microphone must be on during the exam itself. You cannot leave your screen or turn off your camera once the test has begun.

Once you have submitted the exam. You may exit out of zoom. 

Passing Grades:(80%) You are all set. Your score will be emailed to you. You don’t need to do anything else. You may contact the office about driving hours.

Failing Grades: (79%) Your score will be displayed on screen. Your next steps will be displayed on screen as well as emailed to you from Classmarker.


There will be a one hour review session in class. 

Then everyone will take a paper exam. 

You will be allowed one 8.5×11 sheet of paper with your notes on it. No other notes may be used.

Students should remain SILENT until everyone has finished. 

Once all tests are handed in students will get their scores in class.

After class we will have a Q&A session and watch our final film. 

RETAKE Final Class Reservations

You may use paper notes. They must be hand written or printed out. Notes cannot be electronically accessed during the test. Please note you will only have one hour for the final exam. So answer ALL the questions on your own first. Then go back and check your notes. Any question you have not answered will be marked incorrect. 
By law you must get an 80% for a passing grade in driver’s ed.
Students on an IEP, 504 plan. Who have any type of learning disability, test anxiety, or any other issue are required to discuss that with the instructor prior to registering for the final. Email with details or accommodation requests.