Parent Class Reservations

Both parents are welcome. Only one is required. Students do not need to attend this parent only event.

By Law parent class must be taken BEFORE a student can start driving hours.

Online Parent Class Instructions

My name is Dave. I am the general manager at Grand Prix. I will be hosting parent class. Things have been changing rapidly here. We appreciate your willingness to adapt with us as we try to follow the ever-changing recommendations from the CDC and the government in order to keep everyone safe.


In order to participate in the class you must have access to a webcam and Zoom. Please make sure you have access to these on whatever device(s) you will be using. Make an account for those sites if necessary. Any troubleshooting and experimenting should be done in advance of the class. These programs work differently depending on what device you are using so if possible test them out.  Make sure all your electronics are fully charged and plugged in.

If you do not have these capabilities, please email the office to discuss your options.


Emails are sent to the address on your reservation form automatically at the time of your reservation. If you have not received anything in ten minutes try re-enrolling. Double check your email address is correct. Check your spam folder. If you still have not received anything within 10 mins of submitting please email


Your camera must remain on the entire time. Your face should be visible in the center of the frame the whole time.

To get credit all Parents must type their full legal name, and their child’s legal name into the chat box when prompted during the zoom session.

The username you use on Zoom should be your first and last legal name BEFORE you will be allowed in.

Just like a normal parent class, you cannot leave early or come in late. The session will be locked to new participants a few minutes after we start. Please plan accordingly. Class starts promptly at 5:30. If technological problems arise and you log out early you would not get credit and will need to retake the two hour class on another date. 

You may verbally ask questions using a microphone, or use the chat feature in zoom.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties, questions, or concerns at