We will NOT guarantee that any program will be finished by any student imposed deadline. 


Welcome to Grand Prix Driving School.  This sheet will not only give us necessary information about you to get you started but also to help you better understand the process of driver’s education.

Before a student is allowed to start scheduling driving time the office must have received:

  • An enrollment form
  • Copy of the student’s permit
  • A nonrefundable deposit of $300
  • Your classroom completion letter- including Parent Class
  • Signed rules and regulations form

The students can start booking their driving lessons after they have completed class. Driving hours are released every Monday for the following week. Each time they drive, they must have their learner’s permit (no photocopies) they cannot drive without it.  Lessons are by appointment, and are a door- to- door service in most locations. Please call the office to begin booking: 508-771-1227. Please note students and parents book or cancel appointments with equal authority.

For driving hours the student must be ready up to ½ hour before the scheduled time.  This allows the instructor flexibility in case of schedule or geographical problems as well as your observation time. If you cannot be ready early you must call to cancel your appointment.
ONE IMPORTANT NOTE:  We must charge $60.00 per hour lesson, for a late CANCELLATION OR NO-SHOW, if he or she is unavailable, unable, canceling or just missed the driving appointment without a 24-hour notice.  To cancel weekend appointments we must be notified by 4pm on Friday, otherwise you can cancel on S2D. Also you may not book your last 6 driving hours unless your bill is paid in full. Grand Prix may suspend students at any point for failure to make monthly payments.

Once the course is completed, the bill is paid; Grand Prix will send a letter requesting that the student be certified.  The RMV will enter the student’s information into the computer in Boston and at that time the student is eligible to schedule the road test for the license. 

The student now needs to decide who will be sponsoring them.  A sponsor is one who is over 21, has had a MA license for more than a year and will sit in the back seat while on the road test. A parent or older friend can be a sponsor.  The deciding factor for most is if the car you choose to take has an emergency brake in the center console.  If there isn’t, you can borrow one with a signed letter of permission or have Grand Prix sponsor you.

If you decide to have Grand Prix sponsor you WE MUST BE THE ONE TO BOOK THE TEST FOR YOU.  Sponsorship includes, the use of our car, driving instructor as sponsor and an instructional warm up lesson. Warm up lessons are for 1 hour on the day of your road test for $120.00.

If for any reason a student decides not to complete the Program they may be entitled to a partial refund. Payments will be refunded minus $85 per hour driven. A $50 Administrative fee will be charged to anyone who had booked their first driving lesson. 

Please send this signed Rules and Regulations form to the Hyannis office prior to scheduling. (can also print,sign, and scan and submit online via the form below)