Driving Hours Only Transfer Request

Enrollment Requirements

Before a student is allowed to start scheduling driving time the office must have received:

We will NOT guarantee that any program will be finished by any student imposed deadline. We are currently accepting a limited number of transfer students. We retain the right to refuse transfer enrollments due to changes in availability.


How lessons are being scheduled during the Covid Pandemic:

Due to the RMV’s temporary waiver on the observation requirement, all on road sessions are being scheduled by the office staff. We only book our schedule one week in advance. We will be scheduling each hour based on geography to minimize the amount of time the instructors are without students in the car. Your lesson will be booked based on your availability given to us monthly using the Availability Form visible here  The each hour is so specifically booked we now have a few temporary policies about scheduling. You may not cancel any appointment that we have scheduled for you as long as it is within the parameters of your availability form. You must inform the office of any changes in availability by email PRIOR to the schedule of any lessons. Any lesson cancelled due to illness will not be rebooked until after a 14 day symptom check waiting period. Any lesson cancelled within 24hours of the appointment due to an undisclosed change in availability may not be rebooked until the $60 charge per driving hour has been paid.

Students should not expect to get more than one lesson every other week. Lessons will be further apart than that if your eligibility date for your road test is further away.  Currently all lessons are a pick up and drop off at home unless you are booked a lesson at the dismissal time for your school. Weekend appointments are available to those willing to meet the instructor at a centralized location. 

For driving hours the student must be ready up to ½ hour before the scheduled time.  This allows the instructor flexibility in case of schedule or geographical problems. If you cannot be ready early you must call to cancel your appointment. Please note students and parents book or cancel appointments with equal authority.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE:  We must charge $60.00 per hour lesson, for a late CANCELLATION OR NO-SHOW, if he or she is unavailable, unable, canceling or just missed the driving appointment without a 24-hour notice including those who did not have a permit. Each time they drive, they must have their learner’s permit (no electronic pictures or photocopies) they cannot drive without it. To cancel weekend appointments we must be notified by 4pm on Friday, otherwise you can cancel on Schedule2drive.com. Also you may not book your last 6 driving hours unless your bill is paid in full. Grand Prix may suspend students at any point for failure to make monthly payments.

Once the course is completed, the bill is paid; Grand Prix will send a letter requesting that the student be certified.  The RMV will enter the student’s information into the computer in Boston and at that time the student is eligible to schedule the road test for the license. 

The student now needs to arrange for a road test. You can get more information on taking the test with Grand Prix Here.

If for any reason a student decides not to complete the Program they may be entitled to a partial refund. Payments will be refunded minus a $50 Administrative fee and an $85 fee per hour driven. 

Enrollment Request