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Driver's Education
(15yr 9months-25yrs)


Grand Prix Driver’s Education classes consist of ten three-hour classes.  Each class is numbered 1-10. The classroom portion of driver education may be started once the student turns 15 yrs & 9 months.  The student is responsible for signing in on the attendance sheet.  If they miss a class or FORGET TO SIGN the attendance sheet they must make up that particular numbered class.  Please call the office for class number, location, make-up dates, and times.  You need to be sure you make up the correct class.

The students can start booking their driving lessons after they have completed the class and parent class has been taken. Driving hours are released every Monday for the following week. Each time they drive, they must have their learner’s permit (hardcopy) they cannot drive without it.  Lessons are by appointment and are a door-to-door service in most locations. We will not go over the bridge or past the Orleans rotary to pick up students. Please call the office to begin booking: 508-771-1227.

Home pickups the student must be ready up to ½ hour before the scheduled time.  This allows the instructor flexibility in case of schedule or geographical problems as well as your observation time.
ONE IMPORTANT NOTE:  We must charge $85.00 per hour lesson, for a CANCELLATION OR NO-SHOW, if he or she is unavailable, unable, canceling, or just missed the driving appointment without a 24-hour notice. Also, you may not book your last six driving hours unless your bill is paid in full.

Once the course is completed, the bill is paid; Grand Prix will request that the student be certified. At that time the student is eligible to schedule the road test for the license.

If you decide to have Grand Prix sponsor you WE MUST BE THE ONE TO BOOK THE TEST FOR YOU.  
Sponsorship includes the use of our car, the driving instructor as sponsor, and an instructional warm-up lesson.

If for any reason a student decides not to complete the Driver’s Education Program they may be entitled to a partial refund. The nonrefundable deposit of $330 covers the classroom portion. That amount will not be refunded regardless of the number of classes taken. Additional payments will be refunded minus $85 per hour driven. A $50 administrative fee will be charged to anyone who had booked their first driving lesson.



Any student with physical or learning issues or IEPs at school must notify the classroom instructor before the start of class.

Students may not leave class early for any reason. If they must leave early they will not be given credit for that session.

All students must be respectful towards instructors and fellow students. Failure to behave responsibly will result in your being asked to leave.

Grand Prix will suspend or expel students in the case of extreme disciplinary problems.

You are responsible for keeping track of classes attended. You will not be contacted about missing classes or finals until you have finished all driving hours. 

Online Rules

Your name in all programs we use must be your full legal name.

Your face must be visible in the center of the frame.

If you must leave your computer message the host privately each time.

You may not lie down during class.

The zoom meeting will be locked when the class starts. If you cant log in- its too late you must make up that class at a later date.

If you get kicked out by accident, please immediately attempt to relogin. Then email grandprixdrivingschool@gmail.com The instructor will hopefully be able to get you back in, otherwise, you will need to retake the class.

So make sure all your devices are charged, plugged in, and you have access to quality internet.

Respond to the attendance roll call with your full legal name each time, at the beginning and end of each session.

Grand Prix strictly prohibits screenshots, pictures, audio/video recordings, and distribution of any virtual educational experience in order to protect student privacy, proactively prevent potential cyberbullying, prevent the distribution of copyrighted materials, and comply with Massachusetts law. Please note that in Massachusetts, it is a crime to record another person through any medium without their knowledge.


Parent Class must be taken prior to starting driving hours.

Bring your learner’s permit to each driving hour. It is not legal to drive with only an electronic copy.

You must be ready up to ½ hour before each scheduled driving hour.

Students must sign in for all driving hours. Students must use their full legal name, nicknames or partial names are not acceptable.

No-shows or cancellations without a 24-hour notice will be subject to a $85.00 charge PER hour of driving. This is charged automatically unless you have a doctor’s note stating that the doctor has seen your child and they cannot drive. You will not be allowed to book driving hours until this fee is paid.

All default pick-up locations are at a student’s primary address in Schedule2Drive unless a lesson is booked at the dismissal time from FHS, Barnstable HS, Mashpee HS, SHS, and DY. All other school pickups may be arranged by calling the office.

Office Policies

Driving Hours are released every Monday at 3pm for the following week. Students should call or use Schedule2Drive to book hours according to the rules listed on the page” List of Rules for Scheduling and Driving” By signing below you agree to the rules on the “List of Rules for Scheduling and Driving.”

Students and Parents book and cancel driving hours with equal authority.

Students can book up to 6 hours with a balance on their account. To book the last six hours, the balance must be paid in full. Grand Prix can suspend students at any point for failure to make monthly payments. Monthly payments are owed regardless of whether or not the student has started driving or is currently driving.

Grand Prix will charge a fee of $25.00 for any resubmitted or returned checks. Balances must be paid in cash or money orders for the remainder of the balance.

You will be certified only after you have met all the requirements of driver’s education and your bill is paid as well as any other fees have been paid.

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